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    Eleanor Belfrage Events

Welcome to Eleanor Belfrage Events

We are experts in creating exciting and memorable parties that will be loved by the people that matter the most to you. With over twenty years’ experience in luxury party planning, we can create stylish events for every occasion and every mix of ages, whether beautifully transforming your home and garden organising a glittering gala ball. We will ensure everything runs smoothly and looks amazing by planning meticulously, so you can relax and enjoy an unforgettable time.

What is the occasion?

  • Milestone Birthdays (18th/21st/40th/50th/60th etc)
  • Joint Birthdays (Fathers and Sons/Husbands and Wives)
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Wedding Day Planning
  • Corporate Events

Creating your perfect party

We love to see people enjoying the time of their lives at our events, which is why we work hard to make your ideas come to life and offer some surprises of our own. With years of theatre and television experience we can create magical themes that make your event unique and truly memorable. We can advice you on the best venues, the most delicious food and the perfect entertainment that will delight your guests.

 Contact us for a quote

Our luxury party planning service is run from a virtual office, so you will be pleasantly surprised how cost effective our parties can be while we have access to some of the most talented event professionals. Our hours are especially geared to the busy client.

Where do we work?

We design and project-manage events within 100 miles of London. This does not exclude other UK and European locations so please call us today to make see how we can make your event extra special.